Back to Basics – A practical guide to internet success
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A digital strategy is a plan of action devised to achieve desired results. Some examples of desiered results are increased traffic,
increased sales, brand awareness, penetration of new markets , customer acquisition, and customer loyalty.

Strategy is at the beginning, middle and end of everything that we do. We establish your:


The process starts with establishing your vision and clear objective of your website or internet marketing campaign. This helps identify parameters to measure success or failure of our activity

Products and Services

We gain deeper understanding of your products and service offerings to establish your unique selling points, which are effectively embedded into the branding, positioning and internet marketing strategy

Target Market

It helps to establish who your audience is ? what their preferences are ? what their buying and search patterns are? Where they are based geographically ? and what motivates them to use you and your products.


We look at the competitive landscape; identify what strategies your competitors are employing and how they are faring with those. We work with you to establish your differentiation in price, offering, and way customers find you.


We undertake research to establish ways and mean to reach your customers. This helps us build a wholesome internet marketing strategy that includes search engine marketing, paid advertising, keyword research, email and viral campaigns.

Conversion architecture

This is key to any effective digital strategy. We build a plan to establish simplicity and usability of your communication mediums. We create a game plan to build conversion copy, call to action, rewards for loyalty and repeat business oppurtunities.


A Practical guide to internet success